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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019
How Can You Become a Police Dispatcher?

How Can You Become a Police Dispatcher?


Many large organizations such as police, fire departments and medical services use dispatchers in order to receive and pass on information and coordinate same basic operations of the mentioned organizations. Besides the mentioned, taxi cab providers, railroads, public transport companies and many other need and use dispatchers.

If you are interested in becoming a police dispatcher, you must be aware that your job won’t be nothing alike as working (for example) as a taxicab dispatcher. Police dispatchers have a very responsible job and a part of it is to deal with stress related 911 calls. If you’re interested in this career, you must be able to properly deal with an emergency situation in a calm and controlled manner. One of the basic test you need to pass in order to get this job is stress testing. If you aren’t able to pass this test, you’ll be removed from the training.


Today’s police dispatchers have a lot of tools and software that make their job a bit easier. All of them have access to maps, large databases and GPS. GPS is particularly useful because it enables the dispatcher to find the nearest location of law enforcement personnel. Every tool and software is specially designed to respond to an emergency call as quick as possible. Dispatchers are trained to dispatch the proper number of police units and also to dispatch units according to the appropriate type of necessary assistance. Police dispatchers don’t only take care about the people who are in need of emergency assistance; they also take care of the police by giving all the necessary information to them. This way, police officers on the watch are protected from going into an unfamiliar dangerous situation.

If you are feeling a lit bit afraid after reading this, don’t give up because this job also has a lighter and a brighter side. As a police dispatchers will also deal with incidents like someone having a lost dog or a cat in the tree. This kind of incidents can relieve you from some more stressful situations like acts of violence, abuse, rape and even murder. At this job, you must be able to deal with all kinds of emergencies, from child neglect and abuse to gang fights, shootings and robberies. If you think you can’t handle this, this profession might not be the right choice for you.


In order to become a police dispatcher, you must attend a police dispatcher school. These specialized schools have special training methods that consist of extensive, intense training that covers learning the legal aspect of the verbal responses but also the necessary wording of the responses. A necessary wording must be used when you, for example, talk with a person who wants to commit suicide. In dispatchers schools you’ll be going through many audio-visual material that shows different situations that may occur. Some of this schools offer video streaming online so you can see what one of their classes looks like. All these simulators have the purpose to teach the dispatcher various aspects of the job. If you want to get more information about the requirements and training to become a police dispatcher, visit this website