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Digital Marketing Penalty And Its Types

Digital Marketing Penalty And Its Types

by February 13, 2017 Default

The mission of Google is to provide relevant and best results about your query online. However due to low quality or violation of guidelines, Google penalizes websites. This requires the owners of the websites to continually update and improve their data. Google penalizes by identifying the category of the penalty.

Susanne Colwyn at SmartInsights has come up with this infographic to identify penalties:

How to identify Google Penalties [infographic]

Susanne Colwyn

A simple process and 5 sources to help identify a penalty which reduces organic search traffic

Keeping on top of SEO, in particular the changes to Google’s ranking algorithms and webspam penalties, is a major concern for most businesses and a full-time job for many today.

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There are two different types of penalties being observed, which are manual and algorithmic.

Manual penalties:

These type of penalties occur when Google investigates something that breaches their Guidelines on your website. Website owners are then notified about manual penalties. Notifications also include the reason why a penalty was notified.

This infographic by Samantha Kerr is about avoiding these penalties:

How to Avoid a Google Penalty (Infographic)

Samantha Kerr

If your site gets the majority of its traffic from Google, you probably cringe with fear whenever you hear that Google has released an algorithm update. They’ve been known to destroy traffic and, ultimately, entire companies. (Fortunately, Genius recovered remarkably well after their penalty). On the other hand, they can also prop up sites, some of which may be your competitors. This is part of the risk of putting a company’s survival in the hands of a third party.

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Algorithmic penalties:

These type of penalties often occur shortly when updates changes to ranking algorithms. (Two most significant of which were Penguin and Panda updates). In this case, site owners are not notified the reason of these penalties.
Google stops ranking well your website in case it is penalized.

This video by Google Webmasters is about lifting of these penalties:

In some cases the page of your site ranks down to level zero. Sometimes the top results of your websites upon google search drops down and apparently you find no reason about it. This is a way to penalize the website owner. Even your site disappears from the search results when being penalized. In this case, you need services of a professional to get rid of penalty.