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Thursday, June 20th, 2019
Learn the various stages to follow in a personal injury lawsuit

Learn the various stages to follow in a personal injury lawsuit

by August 13, 2016 Law

Personal injury is a phrase used to represent very many forms of injuries. It is not a must that they be physical. Even when someone intentionally brings emotional suffering to you, that’s a personal injury. Depending on where the victim is injured and the extent of the damage, different forms of personal injury lawsuits exists. However, there are the stages observed to be constant in almost all cases. No matter what, you will have to go through these essential stages. I will discuss these stages for you to understand what you should be expecting just in case you get injured negligently.

  • Consult an attorney

When a woman is expectant, she has to do several things for the safety of the baby. When it is possible that a woman can go through the process without much help, it is not recommended. Right from the word go, you need to seek assistance from your doctor to ensure that you are on the safe side always. This continues until such a time that the baby is safely born. Filing a lawsuits requires your commitment and some expert help too if compensation is to be awarded. This explains why you need to talk to Georgia Attorney Ken Nugent or any other best lawyer in the region. Upon meeting the best attorney, you will have to present all your details and evidence as the lawyer demands. Don’t expect that they will jump to your case. Some cases are often rejected if they don’t present enough evidence or sense.

  • File the lawsuit

With your lawyer, you will go to court and file the lawsuit against the responsible person. Before you get here, you must make sure that you have agreed on everything else with the lawyer. What am saying is that you two should be acting as one and not two. Everything you know, the lawyer should know it too. And the vice versa should apply where possible.

  • Discovery and evidence presentation

The court allows some time for the two opponents in a case to get to details of their evidence and present the fine facts. It is common to find the two parties extracting data from each other. It works best that way because you will have a relevant answer just in case a challenging question intended to make you contradict yourself is asked.

  • Motions might work

Before undergoing the expensive litigation processes, the two parties may decide to participate in a motion in the attempt to settle the case. This must be before the court trials. If the to come to an agreement, they will request for the case to be cut off.

  • Settlement

It is the stage where the case is decided after the trial. Many Albany GA Law Firms take their cases to the trials where motions don’t work. That is because they want to push for this settlement to the letter.